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Who Are We

Tavos Industries is a Canadian manufacturer for eco-friendly food packaging and supplies united by a nationwide team of professionals located in Richmond Hill, Canada.

Started off as a paper straw manufacturer, we expanded our product lines and services- now catering to businesses nationwide across Canada. Our priority will always be to produce quality products and services that ultimately meet our clients' strict standards and requirements. As a company, we continuously design and develop new products to increase production and innovation in the food and beverage industry.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tavos immediately shifted their operations to assist the community by developing and manufacturing sanitation medical products under their NPN licence. 

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Tavos Industries Inc

Tavos Industries Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of eco-friendly food service disposables located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our mission is to create new and innovative products that can replace single-use plastics and reduce our carbon footprint as a whole. We strive to help our families and businesses in making the first step to keep our home greener for our next generation. 

Tavos Canada

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tavos Canada’s mission was to bring the PPE supply chain back to Canada. While manufacturing premium quality hand sanitizers under our NPN license, Tavos has also released its own ASTM certified masks that surpass the quality, comfort, and durability of leading face mask brands. Additionally, we have partnered with several manufacturers and suppliers both internationally and domestically to put affordable PPE into the hands of frontline workers with quick turnaround times.

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A division of Tavos Industries Inc., Gellies provides a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol hand sanitizer that helps keep your hands moisturized with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Glycerin, while giving you a scent-sational aromatic experience that allows you to thoroughly enjoy the scent of your sanitizer.

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Meet the Founders

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Co-founder of Tavos Industries Inc., is a young and motivated entrepreneur working hard for the success of the company which has been founded in 2018. Justin has built a young company that is in the zone of innovation of sustainable products.


The purpose of his life is to “powering the movement of a cleaner tomorrow”. He started to understand the nuances of business at the age of 16 by working at different roles in his family-owned 40 years old printing business. 

Co-founder of Tavos Industries Inc. Michael is a gifted technical expert and R&D specialist. 2 years ago he partnered with Justin Lee to form Tavos. Michael's technical expertise and acumen have helped propel Tavos to be a market leader in eco-friendly products. 


Michaels mission is to bring sustainable products to the world while still keeping and improving the quality that consumers have come to expect with plastic products. Alongside Justin and the Tavos team, Michael has been instrumental in helping to produce the new product lines and services that continue to move Tavos forward. 


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