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A long time ago, the world didn't know what plastic products were. In fact, we went through our day just fine without it. In 2016 it was estimated that around 260 million tons of plastic were produced, with almost half of it being used once and turning into trash. Where did this all start?

In the mid-19th, ivory and other solid materials were used in producing goods like boxes, hair combs, and especially billiard balls. However, due to the high demand for ivory which was mainly harvested from the tusks of elephants, their population was in danger of being extinct.

According to Scientific American, in 1867, a New York billiard supplier ran a newspaper ad offering 10,000 dollars in gold to anyone who can come up with a suitable alternative. 2 years later, in a man's shed, the first man-made plastic breakthrough happened. This patent was dubbed "celluloid" from the natural polymer which was the cellulose in cotton. Production increased steadily until industrial manufacturing was made possible in the 1940s and the rest is history.

Fast forward a decade later, the big chemical corporations and petroleum producers got together to discuss the growing plastic pollution crisis. Money and time were spent coming up with the best solutions, but not enacting ones that would limit plastic output: implement single-use plastic ban or stop producing plastics altogether. So what did we get in the end?

Those blue boxes at the end of your driveway are a gentle reminder of our duty to keep Earth clean. Yet, we can't help but feel a little bit of shame and guilt when faced with the fact that millions and millions of tonnes of plastic are being dumped into landfills and end up in our oceans. Most of these plastics are not recyclable. What's more is that plastic mainly comes from petroleum in the ground, which is another environmental cost to consider.


We believe in setting an example for you, by taking on this issue amongst many others first we are showing that action is possible, large or small. Our paper straws are built to bust all the myths surrounding it, and finally be able to give you an Eco-friendly product that is worth having, 100% guilt-free.

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