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We’ve all heard the saying “think globally act locally” but what's that supposed to mean? When we use that saying it generally means that to build a sustainable future we need to think about our overall global impact and how we can reduce it through our local everyday efforts. This is mainly because your average Joe doesn’t have access or the ability to afford/create recycling plants or green energy production machines. Instead, there are other ways that we can help with simple changes to our behaviour, one of which is by switching from single-use plastics to eco-friendly alternatives like reusable bags and composting our food trash. But many question the reason for making the switch, surely one single person making simple everyday changes can’t change the overall outcome of the fate of the environment. To a point that is technically true, no single person sans a multi-billionaire or head of state can have enough impact to change the course of the environment by themselves. But that thinking misses a very important point, in that it’s not just you, it's you plus 7 billion people and when every person makes changes to be more eco-friendly then the impact will be large enough to change our environment for the better.

The Effects of Global Warming

How does climate change affect our environment? There are times where we can feel the change in our climate like how rare it has become to have a white Christmas or how common heat or smog waves occur in our cities. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning as the climate deteriorates these heatwaves will become worse and our environment won't be able to handle it. These heatwaves will have devastating effects on communities that are drought-prone as the rivers that they relied on will dry up leaving farms barren. Climate change just doesn’t mean less water, it also means that the ocean sea level will rise and cause damage to the surrounding land. The BBC did a fantastic article on climate change in Africa and what it could mean for the continent. As Africa has many coastal cities the rising sea level will cause major flooding and force the majority of inhabitants out of their homes which will lead to another major refugee crisis. By helping reduce our greenhouse emissions we can ensure that these cities aren’t flooded and continue to grow and prosper.

We also have to remember that climate change just doesn't mean hotter temperature or melting icecaps. Climate change can also affect the clouds above us and cause rainstorms or doughts which will also affect our ability to grow crops and feed our people compounding on the other changes that negatively affect our ability to grow food. Climate change will also cause hurricanes to become stronger and more deadly as reported by Nasa.

As previously discussed switching to eco-friendly alternatives will help reduce our impact on the earth but what if you wanted to go even further. To further help combat climate change it's important for all of us to vote with our wallets. By avoiding purchasing with companies with poor environmental track records you can help force corporations to take a stand against climate change as well. When corporations see that their profitability is no longer sustainable due to their unsustainable practices they will make the switch to greener initiatives. Seeing as these corporations are the major contributors to climate change forcing them to switch to sustainable practices will end up having the greatest positive effect on our climate. A guardian report claims that just 100 corporations are responsible for 71% of all greenhouse gas emissions. By looking into a company beforehand and finding ones that support the environment you can help combat climate change through an enterally different medium.

It's for these reasons that it's so important for us to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. As they not only help the planet but ourselves as well.

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