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Tavos has always been motivated to cater to their clients and community. As the threat of COVID-19 grew, that problem became very real for families, seniors and business owners. Justin and Michael was deeply concerned with the way this pandemic has impacted the community. In hopes to assist, him and his team have developed ways to provide as much support as they can with the resources and expertise they have. In March 2020, Tavos Canada began developing and manufacturing sanitation products under our NPN license.


Single Use Hand Sanitizer

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Single-use packets are small and compact; perfect to keep in your bag, your pocket, your car, wherever you’d like for quick and easy access.

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Reducing Physical Contact

Single-use packets allow a more hygienic approach to sharing hand sanitizers. No more sharing the same bottle of hand sanitizer amongst all your friends!

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72% IPA

Our non-scented hand sanitizers contain 72% isopropyl alcohol.

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Vitamin E & Aloe Vera

Say goodbye to dry hands from hand sanitizers! All our hand sanitizers contain vitamin
E and aloe vera.

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