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About Tavos Industries

We live by our mission statement: "Collaboration Propels Innovation." Our company was built on the fundamental belief that working together and uniting with like-minded individuals can bring about positive change in our lives and shape a better future. Co-founders Justin Lee and Michael Fong share a common vision of bringing sustainable products to the world and driving the movement towards a cleaner tomorrow.

We recognize the power of collaboration as a catalyst for innovation. By fostering partnerships and working closely with industry experts, suppliers, and customers, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem that promotes environmental responsibility and inspires positive change. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to develop innovative solutions that address the pressing challenges of our time and drive the adoption of sustainable practices on a global scale.

Our team is committed to making a difference by introducing sustainable products that not only meet the highest standards of quality and functionality but also minimize their impact on the environment. We believe that every small step towards sustainability counts and can contribute to a significant positive impact. By continuously researching, developing, and improving our product offerings, we aim to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to make more environmentally conscious choices.

We Care

“Both of us knew that a change had to be made for our world and our future when we found out that after the 300 million tons of plastic produced yearly- 50% of which is single-use plastics, 8 million tons end up in the world's oceans while only 9% is recycled. We cannot continue living on this planet as if we had another one to go to. So this is where we step in and do our part; where Tavos Industries Inc. began” - Justin Lee


We’re Different. And Here’s Why

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Our straws are packaged with 100% compostable paper boxes. No plastic coating or lining. We also ship with fully recyclable corrugated cardboard for all our orders.

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Sustainable Workplace

At Tavos, we encourage a sustainable workplace by reducing waste. We eliminate the use of all single-use plastics within the facility.

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Waste Management

We use a waste management system that implements a Zero Waste program that maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace.

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Benefits of Our Products


100% Compostable 

Materials and processes we use to produce our straws are 100% compostable, including our packaging.

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We implement multiple durability and strength tests on our straws to ensure maximum durability to withstand any liquids for hours.


Ontario Made

Yup, Tavos paper straws are manufactured, produced, packaged and shipped from
Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Fully Customizable

Want to use your own brand, name or logo? We offer extensive customization capabilities with our in-house printing equipment.


All Tavos paper straws carry a beautiful teal colour coated inside our straws that
represent our brand and our commitment to producing products of the highest quality.

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Inevitably, waste will be generated in every manufacturing company. At Tavos, we do our best to establish practices to minimize the generation of waste. Some of those practices include reducing the amount of excess raw materials in stock, redesigning the product packaging to ensure it uses the minimum amount of materials, recycling
materials like paper, plastic, and metal regularly, and preventing overproduction.


No plastics. Ever. We’ve designed our packaging for all our products to be 100%
compostable and biodegradable. We even ship all our orders with fully recyclable corrugated cardboard!

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We offer warranty on all our products to ensure customer satisfaction


We maintain an exceptional level of quality on all our products


support 24/7

We make every effort to respond to all questions and inquiries immediately

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